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Apply for a Building Plan and Documentation Search [file search, documentation]

Apply for a Planning Documentation Search [planning documentation search, planning documentation,planning permit files]

Apply for a Building Application [Planning, Development, Renovation, Construction, Building, Storm water drainage, legal point of discharge, Report & Consent, Private Building Surveyor]

Apply for a Planning Application [Permit, Building, Development, Renovation, Construction, Extension, Demolition, Alteration, Planning Certificate of Compliance, Pre-application advice request, Change of Use, Application for signage]

Apply for a Footpath Trading Permit [business, license, enquiry, footpath, tables, chairs, café, restaurant, application]

Apply for a Mobile Food Van Permit [vehicle, business, license, truck,]

Apply for a Multiple Animal Permit [Dog, Cat, Pets, Animal, Multiple, Permit]

Apply for a Parking Permit [application, priority parking, disability parking, residential, foreshore, resident, permit zone]

Apply for a Real Estate Board Permit [board, display permit, advertise, advertising]

Apply for a Road Opening Permit [permit, license, permission, approval, digging, excavation, hole]

Apply for a Road/Lane Closure Permit [permit, license, permission, approval, street, building, construction, road]

Apply for a Skip Bin Permit [waste collection, garbage, road, parking, construction, rubbish]

Apply for a Street Occupation Permit [permit, license, permission, approval, footpath, street, construction, fence, fencing, scaffold]

Apply for a Vehicle Crossing Permit [permit, license, permission, approval, driveway, car, footpath]

Apply for a Work Zone Permit [permit, license, permission, approval, road, closure, building, construction, parking]

Apply for an Out of Hours Permit [permit, license, permission, approval, building, noise, construction]

Apply for Form 326 or Land Information Certificates [Application, Certificate, Land Information, Rates, Building, Property, Sale, Conveyance]

Enquire - Planning or Building [Enquiry, Development, Renovation, Construction, Building, Planning]

Enquire About Anything [road closure, festival, complaint, noise, triathlon, St Kilda festival, iron man, marathon]

Enquiry - Animals [Enquiry, Dog, Cat, Pets, Animal]

Enquiry - Food Safety [Enquiry, Café, Restaurant, bakery, butcher]

Enquiry - Footpath Trading [license, permit, enquiry, footpath, tables, chairs, café, restaurant]

Enquiry - Parking Permits [permits, parking, enquiry, complaint]

Enquiry - Public Rubbish Bin [waste, garbage, litter]

Enquiry - Rubbish and Waste [waste, garbage, complaint]

Object to or Support a Planning Permit [Complaint, Suggestion, Development, Construction, Building, Objection]

Pay a Building Permit Application [Payment, Pay, Building, Permit, Application]

Pay a Debtor Invoice [Payment, Pay, debtor, invoice, invoices, food act, registration, renew, renewal, health wellbeing, footpath, trading, home community care, statement, development, business, sundry]

Pay a Food Act Infringement [Food, Infringement, Fine, Payment, Pay]

Pay a Health and Wellbeing Act Infringement [Health, Infringement, Fine, Payment, Pay]

Pay a Local Laws Infringement [Pay, Local Laws, Infringement, Fine, Payment]

Pay a Parking Infringement [Parking, Infringement, Fine, Payment, Pay, Ticket]

Pay a Planning Compliance Infringement [Planning, Infringement, Fine, Payment, Pay]

Pay a Planning Permit Application [Payment, Pay, Planning, Development, Permit, Application]

Pay a Tobacco Act Infringement [Tobacco, Sales, Infringement, Fine, Payment]

Pay an Animal Infringement [Animal, Infringement, Fine, Payment, Pay]

Pay for a Footpath Trading Permit [Payment, Pay, invoice, invoices, footpath trading, permit, street, furniture]

Pay for a Parking Permit [Payment, Pay, Resident, Foreshore, Visitor, Club, Parking, Permit]

Pay for a Booking [Payment, Pay, Event, Town Hall, Meeting Room, Wedding ceremonies, Open Space]

Appeal for a Parking Infringement [Fine,Pay,Contest]

Pay your Rates [Payment, Pay, Rates, Pay Rates]

Pay for a Development Permit[Payment]

Register a New Dog or Cat [Register, Animal, Pets, Dog, Cat, Registration]

Renew a Parking Permit [priority parking, disability parking, residential, foreshore, renewal, permit zone]

Renew your Animal Registration [Payment, Register, Pets, Dog, Cat, Renew, Animal, Registration]

Report a Barking Dog [Complaint, Noise, Animal]

Report a Dog Attack [Complaint, Bite, Animal]

Report a Noise Issue [complaint, report, music, loud]

Report a Parking Ticket Machine Fault [Faulty, park, car, coins, money]

Report an Abandoned Vehicle [abandon, car, unattended, unknown, truck, block]

Report an issue with Footpath Furniture [blocking, illegal, footpath, tables, chairs, café, restaurant]

Request for a New Bike Parking Location [bike racks, racks, bicycle, bike, cycle, cycling, parking, hoops, lock]

Report Damage made by Roots/Branches [Tree, fallen]

Report Dumped Rubbish [Waste, illegal dumping, complaint, garbage, dump, footpath, nature strip, laneway]

Report Food Contamination [illness, foodborne illness, food poison, food poisoning, café, restaurant, bakery, butcher]

Report Food Poisoning [Contamination, foodborne illness, food poison, food poisoning, café, restaurant, bakery, butcher]

Report Rubbish Collection Issue [waste, complaint, garbage, bin, missed collection,]

Request - Trees [Tree]

Request a repair of, or a new Rubbish Bin [Broken bin, damaged bin, stolen bin]

Request Hard or Green Rubbish Collection [hard waste, trees, garden, waste, garbage, Christmas tree]

Request Street or Beach Cleaning [road, foreshore, waste, dirty, rubbish]

Request Tree Maintenance or Pruning [tree branches, gardening, nature strips]

Request Tree Planting or Removal [tree branches, plants, nature strips]

Search for a Planning Application [Enquiry, Development, Renovation, Construction, Permit]

Submit Change of Vehicle for Parking Permit [car, new address, permit, parking, move]

Submit Documentation for Parking Permit Renewal [permit, request, application, identification]

Submit Parking Permit Concession Documents [document submission, resident permit, identification]

Change of Address [change contact, mailling address]

Private Building Surveyor - Section 30 Lodgement [sect 30, PBS, Building Permit, Document, Building Act]

Private Building Surveyor - Section 73 Lodgement [sect 73, S73, PBS, Building Permit, Document, Building Act]

Private Building Surveyor - Section 80 Lodgement [sect 80, PBS, Building Permit, Document, Building Act]

Apply for a Copy of a Previous Years Rates Notice [rates, reprint]

Apply for Liquor License [Application, Planning Application, liquor license, sell liquor, consume liquor]

Apply for Car Parking Waiver [parking requirement waiver, exemption, reduce car parking, clause 52.06]

Apply for a parking infringement payment plan or extension of time

Request Graffiti Removal[Spray Paint, Vandalism]

Apply for a Storm Water Drainage / Legal Point of Discharge Application [Drain,Pit]